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 Chill Chill Chill Chill

Mark McMorris
is Chill.

Mark has one goal: go bigger. And somehow he does it without making it feel forced. No matter what new trick he’s attempting, he always appears cool, calm, and collected.

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While it may not be visible in his always-welcoming smile, Mark has a deep-seated drive. It’s what took him from the flat farmlands of Canada and propelled him to the peaks of the snowboarding industry. His meteoric rise boils down to one simple fact: he wants it more. And despite all his fiery ambition, Mark is always laid back—even when he’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, like throwing double corks off rails. (Yeah, google that one.) His commitment to his craft has earned a stockpile of podiums, an Olympic medal, and a reputation for slaying snowboarding giants. His “live for the moment” tattoo is in a place on his arm where he can always see it to remind him that nothing’s more important than now. And maybe that’s why he’s so Chill. He’s never worried about a past setback or what might happen in the future. Come what may, Mark is going to soak up the present moment and wherever it leads him.
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