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 Bold Bold Bold Bold

Rico Nasty
is Bold.

When one of your most famous lyrical phrases is “Thank God I ain’t have to smack a bitch today,” it’s no wonder why Rico Nasty is regarded as the boldest female rapper on the planet today.

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Earlier this year on Instagram, Rico Nasty told us: “I’m trying this new thing where, like, even if I look ugly, I’m still gonna post a story for ya’ll. Cause I feel beautiful and I don’t care what ya’ll think.” Meet Maria Kelly, given her stage name Rico Nasty by a school bully. Now a full-fledged artist with a record deal and international tours under her belt, Rico is paving the way for her fans to see her as, in her words, “someone who doesn’t give a fuck, but still is nice.” You can feel her unapologetic authenticity in her cartoon-inspired raps like “Hey Arnold” and vicious but playful flow across tracks like “Smack A Bitch.” So, when we say that bold is being brave enough to be your true self, we can’t think of a better living example than Rico Nasty.

:29 Seconds

“Joan Jett’s lady balls.”

Watch as Rico vividly displays her love for one of rock and roll’s greatest female icons.
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:25 Seconds

“Growing up I had to be a super mean b*tch.”

Rico explains how she learned early on in life that most people mistake kindness for weakness.
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