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 Deep Deep Deep Deep

Cautious Clay
is Deep.

“Ever since I started playing music, it was always about the feel,” says Joshua Karpeh, a Brooklyn-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known as Cautious Clay. Consistently praised for his deeply poetic lyrics, Cautious Clay will never shy away from tackling self-reflective topics with brooding grace.

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Cautious Clay was intrigued by the flute at an early age when he saw a version of the instrument in the Disney classic, Aladdin. With his mother’s support, he began taking lessons from professional flautist Greg Pattillo, a YouTube phenom known for his beatboxing method of playing. The two bonded over a love of non-traditional music styles, and Clay soon preferred not to read music but rather listen to notes and try to improvise on his own. Clay continued to study music, began playing additional instruments like the sax, and even tried his hand at producing. He eventually shared some of his work on SoundCloud and was first noticed by Billie Eilish for a remix he made of her song, “Ocean Eyes.” Since then, Clay has built a thriving fan base with self-released EPs and live shows.


Cautious Clays talks about the first time he sang publicly, which was actually him covering a Lenny Kravitz song.
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Cautious Clay shares his early musical influences, including artists he's not so proud to admit he loved.
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Cautious Clay tells how being isolated from major cultural hubs fostered his individuality.
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Watch the full interview


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