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 Elevated Elevated Elevated Elevated

is Elevated.

In a rap landscape crawling with taunting bravado, EARTHGANG is an inspirational force elevating the game with high-minded lyrics and an exhilarating presence.

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With stage names like Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, it’s easy to see that EARTHGANG is approaching the rap game from another planet. A brief look at the duo’s Spotify profile further reveals their unique take on the world. Song titles like “Meditate,” “Church,” and “Artificial” sit at the top of their most popular tracks. The album art for their most recent single, “Proud Of U,” reworks astronomy card visuals, putting an emphasis on introspection and Elevated thinking. Hailing from Atlanta, EARTHGANG is, as Pitchfork recently put it, your “cosmic alternative in a city of cold-hearted trap stars.” Initially hesitant to land on any major label, EARTHGANG recently signed to rapper J. Cole’s collective—a fitting move considering Cole is one of the most conscious artists in hip-hop. Prepare yourself. EarthGang is here to elevate your mind with spacey-flows and anti-establishment ethos.


“I was in The Upside Down for a split second.”

Doc and Johnny talk about their love for the creative growth of Atlanta.
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“She's like, Tween God right now.”

The guys give you a quick behind-the-scenes take on touring with Billie Eilish.
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“Riding Flying Jaguars.”

The EARTHGANG boys chat about weed and developing their own strain.
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