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Leikeli47 is Empowered.

Leikeli47’s game-changing artistry is downright inspiring. Her signature masked look reminds us that the art form is greater than the artist, and her love for her culture strengthens everyone within it.

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By showcasing artifacts like acrylic nails and ski masks as sources of strength, Leikeli47 displays power and beauty in a new and inspiring way. For her 12 Moods exclusive performance, Leikeli47 performed the song “Girl Blunt” from her newest album, Acrylic. Leikeli opens the track by proudly proclaiming, “I suggest you don’t try me, I stand 5'3" and I’m real feisty.” Lekieli’s fierce confidence and strong representation of feminine power is what makes her so empowering. Whether it’s the proud image of decorated nails on Acrylic’s album cover, or her vibrant performance on our Empowered hair salon set for 12 Moods, Leikeli positively promotes her culture with artistic flair every opportunity she gets.

:38 Seconds

“Give something back to the people”

Leikeli47 talks about her unique efforts to elevate her artform.
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1:06 Seconds

“I'm commited, bruh.”

The Brooklyn rapper shares her belief that not everything should be “revealed” when you're in the spotlight.
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1:10 Seconds

“I like Stone Cold.”

We wouldn't have guessed Leikeli47 is a wrestling fan, but here she explains how all types of entertainment influenced her craft.
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