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 Empowered Empowered Empowered Empowered

Gasser is Empowered.

When you step into a male-dominated sport like snowboarding and begin to make history as the first female to land high stakes tricks—like the triple cork—there’s no doubt you’re empowering an entire generation of girls.

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As one of the most recognizable faces across winter sports, Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser has been on top of every key snowboarding podium in the past few years—from X-Games and the US Open to FIS World Championships. Last season, she hit the highest peak in her career yet, becoming the very first Big Air Olympic Gold Medalist at the games in South Korea. Anna has been blazing a new trail for the next generation of female athletes as the first to land a switch double cork 900, backside double cork 1080, cab double cork 1080, and most recently, the triple cork. What separates Anna from her contemporaries is her boundless drive and determination—she simply wants to push her limits at the highest level. “My goal is to inspire millions of girls to follow their dreams. Snowboarding, gymnastics, traveling, whatever it is, I want them to see that anything is possible!”
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