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 Fearless Fearless Fearless Fearless

Denzel Curry
is Fearless.

Florida rapper Denzel Curry came up as a key member of the Raider Klan, a Florida collective lauded for resurrecting the dark rap-style known as horrorcore. Over the years, Curry has continued to redefine his image and just recently released his most honest record to date.

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Curry built his career and fanbase around an extreme image, challenging cultural and societal taboos with a brazen approach. But this attitude isn’t all that defines Curry as Fearless in our eyes. Rather than resting on a well-known persona, Curry has fearlessly worked to shed his skin and evolve into a more transparent artist. Just this year he released ZUU, an unusually personal album, largely devoid of the darker themes he’s become known for. Many consider it his most dynamic and best work to date. Sincerely delving into topics like his violent childhood in hometown Carol City, as well as family relationships, Curry is bravely expanding his artistic palette and effectively his fanbase as well.


Denzel shares three things to keep in mind for any artist worried about critical response to new music.
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Denzel sheds light on the hate he experienced in his hometown before and after he became successful.
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Denzel speaks from the heart on how important it is for people in his community to seek help in overcoming their struggles.
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