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Chris Joslin
is Independent.

Chris Joslin has always given his all to skateboarding, just to prove to himself that he can. He doesn’t thrive on the approval or support of others. Sure, it’s a bonus that allows him to live comfortably off skateboarding. But even if the world wasn’t watching and celebrating his endless video parts, Joslin would still be doing the unthinkable on a skateboard. Simply because it’s his innate desire.

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Chris’s insane commitment to landing technical tricks at high-risk spots has earned him one memorable video part after another. Watch any one of them, and you’re guaranteed to have more courage. His passion and confidence on a skateboard is contagious. And although he’s already considered a legend by his peers at just 22 years old, you can’t exactly call him the golden boy of street skateboarding. Joslin is the underdog hero of it. Never seeking fame, he puts his heart into everything he does, and he lets his skating speak for itself. Joslin continues to make Independent moves, even if they diverge from the path expected for a pro skateboarder. These days Joslin is doing just that, by balancing family life with a career that continues to reach new heights.
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