Crusher Headphone

4.6/5 Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone

Crusher Headphone

  • Haptic bass response delivers bass you can feel.
  • Customize immersion with adjustable bass slider.
  • Call, track and volume control via the in-line microphone and remote.

    Our Sensation 55™ driver creates vibrating bass that allows you to feel your music.


    Customize your bass levels with our easy-to-use adjustment slider.


    Three-panel cushion padding wrapped in high quality synthetic leather creates a noise isolating seal.

Listen to the Difference
  • Supreme Sound™

    Crusher features Supreme Sound technology producing attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.

  • Sensation 55™

    Our patent-pending bass extension driver delivers a powerful and realistic bass experience that transforms your music.

  • REX40™

    Our custom-tuned driver delivers an extremely smooth frequency response with minimal distortion - tuned for your playlist.

Quality Crafted
  • Made For Everyday Use

    Through extensive testing of carefully selected materials and finishes we created a headphone that is lightweight and durable.

  • Proven Comfort

    Our dual ear cup articulation and premium materials deliver long-lasting comfort.

  • Travel Ready

    Crusher features an easy to fold design and a detachable cable for easy portability.

Designed with Purpose
  • Built-In Amplifier

    The Crusher headphone draws its power from a premium battery-powered amp hidden in the ear cup.

  • Slider Bass Control

    The bass sensation slider on the left ear cup allows you to adjust the sensation levels to your preference or playlist.

  • 1-Button Remote and Mic

    A single button in-line remote with mic can take/make calls, play/pause music and cycle through tracks.

19,05 cm
Crusher Headphone
Crusher Headphone
19,68 cm
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5.0/5 5/5
I recently wrote a review but mistakenly stated that the battery went into the left ear pad, my mistake it goes into the right ear pad (still a little difficult to get the battery in and out ). Never the less I also stated that I had purchases an earlier version of Crushers ( early 2000 ) and at that time the battery amp was located on the inline cord. You could adjust the bass, but at high volumes it was distorted and if you forgot to turn it off ( which happened often after a long night of listening) the battery would drain. Well Skullcandy has solved both issues, now the bass is tight and accurate and the battery will turn off if you forget once the source is turned off. The improvements have created a high quality headphone for those who love to adjust their bass. I love bass and these headphones do not disappoint. The construction is high quality and the sound is incredible. I purchased some e-pro rechargeable batteries got four and a charger for $14 dollars on Amazon. They can be charged up to 500 times and hold three times the power of a conventional alkaline and keep a charge of 80% after a year. Don't wast your time with higher priced headphones like Beats and Bose tried them both and there is no comparison. These Chrushers are state of the art and you will not find a better product for the price. Hats off to Skullcandy for delivering another high end product that is affordable and well worth the investment. Rock on!
5.0/5 5/5
I love these headphones my brother got a pair and they blew my mind so I got one too and if loved them ever since. Every time I go to best buy I compare the best beats, Bose and skullcandy and these ones always win. The bad on these thing is amazing literally shaking my glasses in some song. Even without the base flipped on these headphones last so well. I'm so glad I bought these and you will love them if you by them.
5.0/5 5/5
These headphones are amazing the base is fantastic and the sound is amazing especially for the price I remember trying these on line five years ago and they are just as amazing as I remembered they aren't really rock headphones if that's what you're into you should go with the hesh or something these headphones are best with pop or rap
5.0/5 5/5
I bought these headphones in February and all I can say it's I really love them. They are the best headphones I have ever tried. The vibrating bass adds more value to the already complete sound they provide. After you listen to your favorite music in these headphones nothing else will sound so good. Congratulations Skullcandy for such an amazing product! Keep doing great stuff guys ;)
5.0/5 5/5
I was in best buy, listened to these on demo instantly was blown away by quality and the deep rich bass I do allot of electronic music sequencing, and listen to a variety of genres as well as FPS games have never came across any headphones including sony studio ones that have met quality that these seem to have, my advice Just do it!