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Episode 12: Smino

Smino talks St. Louis in the 2000’s, growing up with musical parents, and recites a rap he wrote at age 7.
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Episode 11: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving talks about how he sneakily quit playing the baritone as a kid, his early introduction to the musical Rent, and self-actualization outside of basketball.
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Episode 10: Now, Now

Cacie and Bradley of Now, Now talk meeting as awkward 15-year-olds, their first international tour with Paramore, and this one time at band camp.
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Episode 9: Bohan Phoenix

Bohan Phoenix talks about his Chinese roots, discovering Eminem, and appropriation in hip-hop.
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Episode 8: Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones talks lunch room ciphers, following his father’s funk footsteps, and the NY music scene.
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Episode 7: Conner Coffin

Conner Coffin talks surfing every day in Santa Barbara, smelling the cows while surfing Kelly’s wave, and a life-altering Rolling Stone’s Concert.
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Episode 6: Coco Ho

Coco Ho talks about strong family values, her Hawaiian surfing heritage, and what it was like to qualify for the pro tour while most of her friends were still in high school.
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Episode 5: Jenn Soto

Jenn Soto talks her first Street League win, her recent move to Los Angeles, and writing down every trick she knew as a makeshift sponsorship resumé.
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Episode 4: King Tuff

King Tuff talks about his new record The Other, being the only guy in a staff of women at a thrift store, playing in a band with J Mascis, and his 'pet' raccoon.
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Episode 3: Django Django

Vincent Neff and David Maclean of Django Django talk about meeting at art school, growing up on hip-hop and brit pop, and Django Django’s new record, Marble Skies.
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Episode 2: Kelly Zutrau of Wet

Kelly Zutrau, lead singer of Brooklyn-based Wet, talks art school, her rebellious youth, and how writing songs in her bedroom accidentally became a career.
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Episode 1: Amber Mark

Amber Mark talks about getting past insecurities while working with new producers, choosing Washington Square Park hangouts over high school classes, and the numerous jobs she had before her music took off.
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The ‘You Feel Me?’ Podcast Series

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