Wireless Earbuds

Go cordless with our collection of Bluetooth® earbuds. Find the perfect pair of wireless earphones for any lifestyle.

Wireless Earbuds



Our pinnacle XTfree wireless earbuds elevate minimalist BT earphone design. Compact microsport construction integrates the battery & components into the buds for a slim, lightweight fit, while StickyGels™ earbud tips & FitFin™ tech provides an ultra-secure fit.

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Built to take whatever you can throw at it, Method Wireless earbuds are a do-it-all Bluetooth® bud. A comfortable & super secure behind-the-neck collar keeps it on no matter what, & sweat-resistant construction ensures that the music never stops.

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Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless earbuds offer supreme audio quality with a unique behind-the-neck collar that is completely removable. Keep it on or pull it off to customize the fit of your Bluetooth® earphones.

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Designed to deliver your music without weighing you down, the feather light Ink’d Wireless earbud is ideal for those who hate cumbersome headphone collars. Its super low-profile design rests comfortably & securely on the neck for all-day listening.

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Delivering all the essential features of Bluetooth® earbuds, Jib Wireless is the best way to discover the conveniences of wireless listening without breaking the bank. It’s a lightweight & low-profile wireless earbud that will set your music free.

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