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Venue FAQs


How long will the battery stay charged?

Venue has up to 24 hours of battery life with both the ANC and BT activated. If you want to conserve battery life, plug in for a wired ANC experience, which should last up to 40 hours. If you don’t ever use your headphones, they should stay charged for roughly 3 years! But we recommend you use them J If Tile has been activated, the battery will run out a little quicker, roughly 3 to 4 months with no use.


Will Venue work if the battery is dead?

If your battery is dead, plug in your provided 3.5mm AUX cord and you can have a regular audio experience (without Bluetooth or ANC)


Does my battery last longer with ANC off?

Yes. It will also last longer if you use the product in wired mode. It will also last longer at lower volume levels.


How can I see how much battery life I have left?

Use the fuel gauge! Press the power button (even if the product is off) and you will see your battery level on the 4 LEDs. 100% = 4 white lights, 75% = 3 white lights, 50% = 2 white lights, 25% = 1 white light, <5% = 1 red light.


What is the total charging time for Venue?

Venue offers our Rapid Charge technology which means that with just 10 minutes of charging, you will get 5 hours of play time. But Rapid Charge does not affect the total time required to fully charge the headphone, which is approximately 2.5 hours total.


Can I charge the Venue with my PC/Laptop?

Yes. Any USB output will work, however for the best performance we recommend you use a 5W (5V, 1A) USB output or higher.



Can I pair the Venue with multiple devices at once?

Yes. You can pair up to 2 devices at the same time, but only one device can stream at a time.

What is the Bluetooth range of the Venue?

Venue has one of the best Bluetooth ranges of any of our products. You should be able to listen up to 30m away from your paired device, though your connection experience may vary based on your environment.


Can I connect Venue to a computer?

Sure, or a phone, tablet, MP3 player, or anything else with either BT or a 3.5mm jack.



Can I use Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa with my Venue?

Yes. Your native phone or device assistant will wake if you press the main function button twice.


I work in very loud places. Will these work anyway?

The inherent passive isolation with our over-ear design works wonders for noisy environments and the addition of our custom tuned Hybrid ANC system takes it to a whole new level. However, ANC headphones should not be a substitute for proper hearing protection in certain environments.


Does Venue have a warranty?

Yep! 2 years. For more information, visit Skullcandy.com/warranty


When on a call, do I need a mic on a cord or is there a mic on the earcups?

The mic on the earcups will function in both BT mode and wired mode, so you are coved no matter how you are connected.  However for best phone call performance, please use BT mode as we have added lots of cool digital signal processing to make that experience even better than ever!


Can I use these for sports or working out?

Sure, but we don’t recommend it because Venue does not have any of the features that Skullcandy’s active-specific products have, like sweat or water resistance.


Does Venue have an app?

Not yet…

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