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Product Help: INDY

Welcome to the Indy support page. For the best experience with your product, please read and watch the following information.




Because true wireless audio is still pretty new, Indy may be your first experience with this technology. But pairing Indy to your device for the first time is actually really simple. You just have to follow three easy steps:
  1. Remove your Indy earbuds from the package
  2. Place them in the charging case, and make sure the LEDs turn red, then close the case.
  3. Now remove your earbuds from the case.
This process will automatically turn Indy on and put it into pairing mode. You can then select Indy from your device’s list of Bluetooth devices.


When people have trouble with true wireless audio, it’s usually related to Bluetooth pairing. If you can’t get Indy to pair to your phone or your earbuds are having trouble connecting to one another, here’s how you reset Indy to resolve pairing issues.

  1. Place your Indy earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Remove Indy from your device’s paired list.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth mode on your device (mobile or computer)
  4. Power on only your right Indy earbud by removing it from the case. It will be in a non-connected state at this point.
  5. Tap the center of the earbud 4x. This will automatically power off the earbud and reset it.  You will know this was successful when the light on the earbud turns red.  If the light does not turn red please repeat step 5 until the light turns red.  Place the right earbud back in the case.
  6. Now repeat those same steps only with the left earbud. (steps 4 and 5)
  7. Next, remove both earbuds from the case to have them automatically power on and begin pairing to one another.
  8. You’ll hear one beep indicating the buds have paired together, and then a voice prompt that will notify you that Indy is now “Pairing”, meaning it’s searching for your device.
  9. At this point, turn your device’s Bluetooth mode back on and re-pair to Indy.


Sometimes you want to be able to hear your music, but still hear what’s going on around you. When you want to do that, you can use just one earbud. We call this Mono Mode. Only the right Indy earbud can be used in Mono Mode, because the right bud is the Primary bud.
To properly use Mono Mode, remove Indy from the charging case and make sure both earbuds are connected to your device. Now, simply place the LEFT bud back into the case. The RIGHT bud will remain paired and function for both phone calls and music.
You will maintain all RIGHT Indy earbud functionality, but remember, when in Mono Mode, you will lose the LEFT earbud functionality such as turning Volume down, and tracking backward.
If you want to go back to using both earbuds, put the right earbud back in the case, close the lid, and then remove both the left and right earbud together. You’ll hear a single Beep to indicate that both earbuds are paired and connected to your phone. All media functionality has now been restored.
To use Mono Mode again in the future, simply remove just the right earbud from the case at anytime.
If you run into pairing issues while using Indy, watch our video on resetting Indy. A proper reset will resolve all pairing issues.


Indy offers a variety of functions directly from the earbud. With just a few taps you can answer/end calls, change tracks, adjust volume, or even activate the native assistant on your device. Watch this video or download this PDF for a guide to all that you can do with your Indy buds. 


Want to see even more about Indy? Watch this Product Walkthrough video.





What is the total charging time for INDY?

  • 1 hour for the Earbuds to charge to 100% inside the Case
    • Note: This product has Rapid Charge. This means that you can charge your earbuds in the case for 10 minutes to get 1.2 hours play time.
  • 2 hours for the Case to charge to 100%

Can I charge INDY with my PC/Laptop?

  • Yes, almost all USB outputs will work to charge.

Does INDY have some sort of fast charge?

  • Yes, these earbuds have Rapid Charge technology. You will be able to charge your earbuds in the case for 10 minutes to get 1.2 hours play time.


What is the Bluetooth range of the INDY?

  • You may be able to listen up to 30+ feet (10 meters) away from your paired device though the connection experience may vary based on your environment.

Can I connect INDY to a computer?

  • Yes as well as to a phone, tablet, MP3 player, or anything else with a Bluetooth connection.

Can I use INDY with a PS4/Xbox One/Switch?

  • PS4: Yes
  • Xbox One: No
  • Switch: Yes

Which version of Bluetooth does INDY use?

  • Bluetooth® version 5.0

Which is the master earbud?

  • The right side earbud is your master earbud

When on a call or listening to my content, will I hear audio in one (the right side master) or both earbuds?

  • INDY has stereo calling so you’ll hear the caller or your content in both ears
  • You do have the option to use only one ear bud (right side) if you prefer a mono solution
  • In addition, the INDY has dual microphones with active noise reduction for improved voice clarity during phone calls.


Can I use Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa with my INDY?

  • Not currently, but we will have an update to incorporate this user feature solution in 2019.

Can I use INDY for sports or working out?

  • Yes! INDY ear buds are sweat, water, and dust resistant (IP55).



What happens if my earbuds break or are lost?

Where do I register my INDY Truly Wireless Earbuds?

  • You can register your INDY product here for faster service in the event of loss or damage to your earbuds or the charging case.

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