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We're stoked about your recent Skullcandy Gaming purchase, and we're here to make sure you get the best possible audio experience with your product. Below you will find instructions on setting up your new PLYR 1 with a PS4. If you have trouble using your PLYR1 headset after following the steps below, you can contact our support team who is here to help and can be reached at 888.MY.SKULL (697-5855), Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. MST. 

Connection Setup

Note: Before doing any troubleshooting please make sure you are connected to the internet either wirelessly or with ethernet.  There is a firmware update known as 1.5 released with the console launch that must be downloaded and installed in order for voice communication to function properly.

For a FULL Sony PS4 console setup:

To connect the PLYR 1 to the PS4:http://manuals.playstation.net/document/

1. Connect the Optical cable to the PLYR 1 GMX through the “Opt In” port on the back of the transmitter, and the “Digital Out” (Optical Port) on the back of the PS4.

2. Connect the usb power cable to either of the usb ports on the front of the console.

3. Power on both the headset and GMX

PLYR 1 Game Audio PS4:

When a new headset with mic is plugged in it should recognize device.  (if customer states the PLYR 1 is not being recognized ask if the PS4 saw the mic when they started the console up.  If so, and customer is still unable to “select” headset, see chat setup issue below.

1. Select User and hit “X” to Enter.  Customer should now be looking at the “home screen” have them run a quick test to make sure their mic is being picked up, have them say “Playstation” and wait for Mic controls to show at the bottom of the screen.  It will look like this:

2. The “Home Screen” under the toolbox icon for “Settings” menu looks like this:

To adjust Audio Settings from the Settings (toolbox icon from home screen) tab:

[Sound and Screen] >

[Audio Output Settings] >

[Primary Output Port] >

Select Dolby 5.1 make sure DTS is not selected, as noted below you can damage your headset if this is selected.

PLYR 1 Chat Setup PS4:

The current Sony firmware update 1.5 doesn’t seem to be allowing for incoming chat to be heard in the headset without attaching a 3.5mm cable to the PS4 controller and then plugging that 3.5mm cable into the “AUX” port on the rear of the transmitter.  The PLYR 1 does not come with a 3.5mm cable, but this can be used as a work around until Sony fixes the 1.5 update.  The customer may also want to purchase a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter to run the provided 2.5mm XBL cable to the controller.  I have not tested this theory, and cannot guarantee compatibility with any 3rd party 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. Once connected with either of the above suggestions the customer can set up chat!

To adjust “Device” (chat) Settings from the Settings (toolbox icon from home screen) tab:

1. [Audio Devices] >

2. [Headset and Headphones]>

3. Adjust Headset Volume>

Hit “X” to enter and chat should be all set up!



If you did not Choose “all audio” from the Sound and Screen > Audio Output > Output to Headphones and left it as “Chat Audio Only” please change this now.  You can either go back to the Settings Menu and navigate from there, OR a quicker way to accomplish this is to HOLD DOWN the “home” button (this is the button on the controller with the PS logo on it).

From the menu, you need to select “Adjust Devices” and then Set Volume and change your Output to Headphones to “All Audio” in order to hear chat from your “party” inside the headset.

You should now be able to:

1. Hear game and console sounds through the headset.

2. Control the Playstation with voice commands.

3. Chat in party.

4. Hear others chatting in party.

Hopefully Sony will soon develop an additional firmware update that will allow all headsets full use without needing a 3.5mm AUX cable, but in the mean time please know that a 3.5mm AUX cable is relatively easy to find around the home and very inexpensive to purchase.

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