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We're stoked about your recent Skullcandy Gaming purchase, and we're here to make sure you get the best possible audio experience with your product. Below you will find instructions on setting up your new SLYR With the Playstation 3. If you have trouble using your SLYR headset after following the steps below, you can contact our support team who is here to help and can be reached at

Setup steps:

  1. Please ensure the cable to the headset is plugged in all the way.  Be sure to plug the cord into the headset until it clicks, it may take slight force to ensure the jack is properly seated.  We have it designed to be such a tight fit for those intense gaming sessions to ensure it does not come unplugged at the most inopportune time.  If you are only hearing sound out of one side, it sounds “muffled”, or the mic does not work, simply try unplugging the cord from the headset and plugging it back in until it clicks in place
  2. If your PS3 is connected to the TV via an HDMI you will also need the standard AV cables that came with the console.
  3. If using HDMI simply plug in the red and white RCA cables that came with the console into the piggyback cables on the mixer cable and leave them hang.  They do not need to be plugged into the TV but be sure the metal parts on the red and the white do not touch each other or other metal because it will cause static or a buzz/humm sound. 

Game Audio Setup:

  1. Navigate to settings in the PS3 XMB dashboard
  2. Select Sound Settings
  3. Select Audio Multi Output and set to "on"

Game Chat Setup:

  1. Navigate to settings in the PS3 XMB dashboard
  2. Select Accessory Settings
  3. Selectin Audio Device Settings
  4. Select "Skullcandy SLYR" for both input device and output device

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